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HalliMart Supermarket
HalliMart Supermarket

HalliMart - buy more, pay less

Headquarted in Bangalore with a combined experience of more than 15 years in retail chain we started to pursue the journey of Supermarket to touch base people living in rural places of India & to increase employment.

Our Team is more focused than ever, when our very first supermarket opened in the remote location of Gulbarga District spread across 300sq.ft catering more customers everyday. Every department of our organization like the Sales, Support, Accounts help every outlet to gain more traction day by day & thereby promising growth in the living culture.

Mission Statement

To Supply stocks to our outlets within 24hrs & Satisfying the customers need by delivering quality products with great offers & discounts.

Vision Statement

Started with the vision to have supermarket in every gram panchayat level & providing the wide range of products at the best discounted rate.




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Why Supermarket?

How does supermarket act as a catalyst in the growth or beneficial to the people around it .

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